We produce and supply a wide range of Chicken products. From tasty goujons, burgers, chunks, popcorn plus many more. In a choice or breaded, battered and even spicy coatings. We also specialise in healthy plain Chicken products too such as quality breasts, thighs, legs and whole Roasted Chickens.

NOTE: Our supplier of 5kg Fresh Chicken Fillets are changing the price every 1-2 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Therefore this in turn requires us to update our prices also. We can only apologise and ask that you bear with us through the COVID-19 crisis and we are doing all we can to keep prices as keen as possible.

Wholesale Chicken
Chicken & Roast Gravy Family Pie 800g£2.99
Coosters Crunchy Coated Chicken Goujons 1kg Bag£5.99
Coosters Crunchy Rocky Chicken Bites 1kg Bag£5.99
Creamy Chicken Supreme Family Pie 800g£2.99
12-14oz Chicken Breast x 6£11.10
2.5Kg Sliced Cooked Chicken£16.55
Seara Cooked Chicken Fillets 2.5kg£11.50
9-11oz Chicken Breast x 8£13.30
Vista Battered Chicken Balls 1kg£7.40
Seara Battered Chicken Chunks 1kg£5.99
Vista Deluxe Battered Chicken Burgers 1kg£7.40
Mac's Battered Chicken Goujons 1kg£5.99
Vista Battered Chicken Goujons 1kg£7.40
Vista Deluxe Battered Chicken Nuggets 1kg£6.99
Seara Battered Chicken Fillets 1kg£5.80
Seara Battered Chicken Nuggets 1kg£3.99
Diggers BBQ Chicken Wings 1Kg£5.99
Vista Deluxe Breaded Chicken Burgers 1kg£7.40
Mac's Breaded Chicken Fillets x5£4.70
Vista Breaded Chicken Fillets 155g 1.24kg Bag (Average 8 Fillets)£8.50
Mac's Breaded Chicken Goujons 1kg£5.99
Vista Breaded Chicken Goujons 1kg£7.40
Vista Deluxe Breaded Chicken Nuggets 1kg£6.99
Coosters Chicken Breast Skewers 1kg£6.99
Vista Chicken Fillet Nuggets 1kg£7.40
Chicken Halves x 5£9.55
Chicken Legs x 10£7.50
Vista Crispy Fillets x 8£7.40
Coosters Crispy Shredded Chicken 550g£3.99
Fresh Chicken Fillets 5Kg£27.00
Coosters Buffalo Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings 1Kg£4.99
Vista Popcorn Chicken 1kg£7.40
Salt n Chilli Crispy Chicken 550g£5.10
Vista Sizzler Chicken Bites 1kg£7.40
Vista Sizzler Chicken Fillets 1kg Bag (Average 8 Fillets)£7.40
Vista Sizzler Chicken Tenders 1kg£7.40
Vista Southern Fried Chicken Fillets 155g 1.24kg Bag (Average 8 Fillets)£9.75
Vista Southern Fried Chicken Goujons 1kg£7.40
Coosters Crispy Salt N Chilli Chicken 1kg£6.99
Vista Crispy Shredded Chicken 1kg£8.35
Vista Super Sizzler Chicken Fillets 155g 1.24kg Bag (Average 8 Fillets)£8.60
Zanger Chicken Fillets x 6£6.99
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