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Mac's Quality Foods is a well established family run business since 1990. Our business has built up an enviable reputation over the last 30 years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Mac’s Quality Foods manufacture and distribute a range of battered and breaded chicken products, fish products, sausages, pasties and a vast range of sauces, burgers, bacon, baps and lots more to the catering industry. We also have a Factory Shop on the premises which is ‘open to the public’ six days a week, with outstanding prices on a range of frozen, chilled and ambient products. We offer a Free Home Delivery service on home deliveries over £35. You will not be disappointed with our food products or our quality service.

Mac's Quality Foods History

  • Bill McIlroy - Chip and Chicken Chippy on Falls Road - Macs Quality Foods
    1966 – The Chip and Chicken Chippy

    Bill McIlroy, aged 23, opened his own chippy called Chip & Chicken on the Falls Road, Belfast.

  • Bill and Maggie McIlroy - Chip and - Macs Quality Foods
    1969 – The Big Day!

    Bill married the lovely Margaret, whom he met in his chippy on her way home from a local dance!

  • Family
    1970 – 1977 Family Life

    Bill and Margaret had three children, Danny, Maurice and Nuala.

  • Maurice McIlroy - Chip and Chicken, Crumlin - Macs Quality Foods
    1972 – Moved to Crumlin

    Bill moved the location of The Chip and Chicken to Crumlin due to the danger of the troubles in Northern Ireland.

  • Macs Pasties - Macs Quality Foods
    1985 – Mac’s Pasties was born!

    Bill was making that many pasties for other takeaways, that he then purchased his own factory in Dunmurry to manufacture them in larger volumes. His new venture was called Mac’s Pasties.

  • Macs Quality Foods Factory opened
    1996 – Name change to Mac’s Quality Foods

    Bill changed the name from Mac’s Pasties to Mac’s Quality Foods because he was now producing many more breaded and battered products. These included Sausages, Chicken and Fish products.

  • Bill McIlroy - Macs Quality Foods
    1996 – Mac’s Quality Foods Sad News

    Sadly on 23rd November 1996, Bill died suddenly of a heart attack. Danny and Maggie continued to run Mac’s Quality Foods and Maurice took over the Chip & Chicken chippy in Crumlin. Now known as McIlroys.

  • Danny, Maggie and Ruairi McIlroy - Macs Quality Foods 2020
    2020 – Continuing to thrive

    Mac’s Quality Foods continues to thrive, now with a Factory Shop open to the public as well. Danny and Maggie still run the business today, with the help of Bills grandson Ruairi McIlroy.

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